8 Plants keep Bedroom better Sleep


Role of plants to keep in home is filtration and oxygenation of air. It is very important to choose a right plant for your bedroom which helps you for a better sleep. Among the wide varieties of plants there are 8 plants for your bedroom to give a wonderful and healthy sleep.

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It is studied in Jesuit Wheeling University that jasmine gives the positive effects on quality of sleep that a one gets, decreasing the aggressiveness and improving the behavior at the time of next wake up. Jasmine makes a time perfect time interval for your sleep. The most important thing about jasmine is its fragrance. It increases the alertness and sharpness of our mind too. It also gives a good strength to the features of your room.


Purple colored lavender flower makes you sleep faster and better and gives a fresh wake up in the morning. It gives a perfect clinical proves showing its effects on sleep. It has wonderful and very smooth fragrance which prevents from the most common disease Insomnia and of course can cure its symptoms also. It is also a good cleaning agent.


It is referred as a cape jasmine, as far as its affects on sleep is seen like the sleeping pills. It is proved in a German study after testing on mice in a very high fragrance of gardenia that he was became unconscious. Similarly it can affect on humans also.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is well known for the oxygen purification and improves the air quality in the home. It is listed in 12 air improving plants by NASA study because at the time of breathing while other plants are taking away the oxygen, it releases the oxygen which purifies the air.

Aloe Plant

This is another nature’s gift to us. It uses for glowing and scar free skin. Instead of this it also purifies the polluted chemicals in the air and even if the chemicals are in wide amount in the air then it develops brown spots to give signal about high level of chemicals in the air.

English Ivy

It is also a best air purifying plant listed by NASA. This is just because of the efficiency of plant in absorbing formaldehyde. It is very easy to grow and can hung on the door. It prefers moderate temperature and medium sunlight.

Red edged Dracaena

It appears very beautiful, pleasing and large in size. It can be used for a decorative purpose also. It has the efficiency to remove the toxin like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene. It need in appropriate amount of sunlight to grow upto 15 feet.

Golden Pothos

It is also listed by NASA in best air purifying plants. It needs very less nutrition and sunlight to grow. That’s why it is most exceptional air purifying plants.



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