8 Types of Nipples in the World

Everyone knows that breasts are in different size and colors but do you ever hear about that the nipples are also in different types.8 Different Types Of Nipples In The World

There are 8 types of nipples, all are normal but in a combination of two or more types for example – Flat and hairy, protruding and bumpy. [Read : Vitamins necessary for Human Body]

Types of Nipples


Protruding nipples are the type of nipples that are raised a little mm above the surface of the areola which point outward. These nipples become harden and pronounced in the condition of cold or stimulation.



The whole nipples are flat and blended into the areola. These nipples are also become harden and pronounced with stimulation and cold.



The whole areola and nipple are just look like a small mound which is lifted to the higher position on the top of the breast. It can be pronounced and harden in the condition of cold and stimulation.



The tract of nipples is inward. Sometimes, may be you have to use your hand to bring the nipples out but sometimes muscles of nipples area are very tight.

#Unilateral Inverted


Both the nipples are opposite position mean one nipple is in straight position and other one is inward. If you are facing this stage from the starting then there is no need of worry. If this is a new development then it might be a sign of breast cancer. [Read : Reasons and causes of Breast Cancer]



Generally female have bumps on the areola surrounding the nipples. Bumps, which are called Montgomery glands in biological language, can look like whiteheads. Sometimes you might be able to squeeze out dead skin cell from this area but you should not play with it. It can harm you because this is softest skin of your body.



It is very common of growing dark and stray hair from the areola area. They can be coarse or fine. Of course it is safe to pluck them out. Each and every woman has hair follicles but some are very hairy.



Some women have very small nipples. They are look like flat moles on the areola. They have fully formed raised bump. [Read : Benefits of Folic acid for Pregnant Women]

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