Do you Feel that your Wife wants to Sleep with Another Man?

Is your Relationship Perfect & You Trust your Partner?

Sleep with someone who is outside from your relationship sounds nothing but a doom.

Wife AffairWhat do you Think about it?

Is it Really a Bad Thing?

Well, honestly everyone knows that in every relationship, some secrets and fetishes are there. Your relationship is just like a perfect relationship, I mean that any desire of your partner does not hurt you or affect you negatively. Your relationship is perfect.


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But, after sometime your wife wants to sleep with another man. Are you fine with that?

Is this acceptable for you?

When one feel Urge to Sleep with Someone outside the Relationship

An urge to have sex with another person outside of your relationship is not that always that your partner is not happy with you, or a matter of dissatisfaction and mistrust. Some instead of it, this is matter of well understanding between each other. They understand the need of each other, romantically and sexually.

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Would you prefer a wife who wants to sex with another man outside your relationship behind your back or if she tells you that her sexual desire feels incomplete?

What is the difference in it? At the end of the day your wife is cheating on you or indulges in it with your consent. She is having sex with another man. But when trust comes into this scene, it’s a whole different story.

Is it acceptable if your Wife want to Sleep with Another Man?

Well this is the fact that all humans have the desire of sex. We all get bored with doing sex with same person again and again. Humans Love variation of sex by nature.

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Affairs of Lonely House WifeGenerally school or colleges girls have desire to have sex with someone who is outside from your relationship. Sweethearts, who are with a person since college time or have not done sex with different partners, It’s a temptation that is always tickling you from inside.

So come back to the point. If both of you are very loveable for each other and understand each other’s sexual demand then is it good to enter another person in your sexual relationship?

Have a frank conversation with your wife or partner. Is there any mistake you are doing?

Is your affair an Easy Affair or you should add some Spice in it?

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How’s is your Relationship?

And then come to result what are your feeling at that time when you know about her feelings.

Take a test that whether you can allow a third person in your sexual life or not.

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Invite Another Couple for Sex in Your Bed with you.

Ask your wife for a full body massage with a male masseur.

Let her go out for party with her friends even with guyz.

How do you feel after doing this? Can you handle it? Does your wife like it?

So all these things can tell you about your relationship, is there need of third person or not.


2 thoughts on “Do you Feel that your Wife wants to Sleep with Another Man?

  • June 22, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Generally school or colleges girls have desire to have sex

  • July 14, 2016 at 1:36 am

    I’m posting here because sometimes I think our ego our even unfounded fears prevents us from truly being happy and enjoying ourselves the best. I had sex drive issues and for a long time I just tried to hide it the best I could. I’d give my wife stupid excuses like, I got an headache or I’m too tired today but I was just lying to myself. I find that the things you mention here above is pretty much in line with what I needed, but I was afraid and wasn’t seeing clearly. Then unexpected as usual my wife decided to buy two products for me. I was kind of ashamed when she first put it but I thought: Damn if it matters this much to her I can at least try it. So I did. I was pretty unconvinced in the first week. It looked like nothing was going to happen. But after one week it started to take effect, there was this energy I hadn’t felt in the longest time. It’s like our relationship had just begun again. It was torture before but after buying these two products my life has been improving so much. I’m happy my wife took action, or I would still be in a very bad situation. Just thought you should know.


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