First Sexual Experience Being Drunk- A Risk for Girls

Drunk Sex Problems Faced By Girls

In a new research it is found that if a girl experience her first sex with alcohol, she is more likely to face problem like sexual assault, and this may risk in future also.

First Sexual Experience

Most of the teenagers have sex before they completed their high school. In a research it was found that among 228 women of ages around 18yrs to 20yrs had been drinking at the first sexual intercourse, which happened when they were only 16and prefer drunk teen sex .

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Those who had been consuming alcohol were more likely to have had intercourse with someone who wasn’t your partner, and with someone who also had been consuming alcohol or using drugs. Their partner was also more likely to be with someone who also had been consuming alcohol or using drugs.

First Sexual Intercourse Experience of Girl

The girl who had not been drinking at her first sexual intercourse that was more organized, satisfying and romantic also. They will also continue their relationship for long.

Livingston has been studing sex-related attack for decades, and got fascinated in the issue of first sex-related encounters and drinking because many of the females she interviewed said they had been assaulted as youngsters .

02This is a misperception that you do drink then you will have sex with more satisfaction. But this is not true. Youngsters and grownups should think about what type of situation they want when they’re intimately romantic with someone.

Do you want it to be with someone you believe in and so what about your well-being?” If that’s the situation, then you really don’t want to have sex in these types of drinking circumstances, and get ready for how you’re going to deal with it. Because there’s an anticipations of sexual participation in these settings.


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