Health Benefits of Vitamin –A

Vitamin A is fat soluble antioxidants. It is part of family of compound that is vitally important to the body. It helps strengthen vision, support the immune system and assists with normal organ function and reproduction. Vitamins are very important to maintain the good health and you should intake all vitamins what you need otherwise there can be the result of health problems.

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Heath Benefits of Vitamin A

Health benefits of vitamin A

  1. It plays an important role in healthy vision.
  2. Helps in healthy bone growth.
  3. Essential for reproduction.
  4. Supports the skin health.
  5. Supports the immune system.
  6. Plays a role in cell division and cell growth.

Dangers of Deficiency of Vitamin A

Deficiency of vitamin A may affect you seriously or may chronically. The main sign of Vitamin A deficiency is Night Blindness. There are some signs of Vitamin A deficiency;

Scaly skin

Brittle hair or nails

Poor growth

Poor immunity

With the deficiency of Vitamin A in the body, it can lead the deficiency of iron also. It may cause of Anemia.

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Consideration about Vitamin A intake

Intake of more than needed Vitamin A can be harmful for you. As we already told you Vitamin A is a fat soluble compound, which is stored in fat cells in liver. Vitamin A is used only how it is needed, not more than it. [Read : Have Energy Food]

More intake of Vitamin A from any kind of supplements or medication for a short or long period time can be toxic or can cause the disease named Hypervitaminosis.





Skin irritation

Pain in joints and bones

Liver damage.

If you want to take vitamin A supplement then only take after consulting to your diet practionist or make sure that the supplement you are taking is made up of food source like beta-carotene.

What about Vitamin A supplements

Vitamin A supplements and medication can make your body healthy but if it is taken in sufficient amount. Emulsified Vitamin A is used as a key ingredient in the natural skin care product.

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