How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Appearance


What is Sleep Deprivation (Lack of Sleep)

A good manner of sleep keeps your skin healthy. When we are sleep deprived the stress hormone cortisol produced which causes your skin dull. Regularly decreasing level of cortisol can lead to increase stress , body inflammation which is really not good for our skin. The relationship between the skin health and lack of sleep is a vicious cycle means a sequence of reciprocal cause. As this cycle continues both the things get worst. Getting a good sleep in day clear up your skin and improve your skin health. Not to get enough sleep worsen your skin condition like acne, redness, under eye dark circles, black spots and all. Can u afford it? No, anyone cannot so try to take a sleep in a day to get rid of these worse things which affects your looks. Nobody can do the compromise with their skin. Everyone knows that the skin has its natural beauty natural glow. But it detracts by sleep deprivation. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the molecules which gives the skin glow, bounce and translucence, which starts breakdown when inflammatory cell increases.

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Sleep deprivation Effects

Sleep deprivation also causes immune related skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis is not just a skin disease even it is also an indicator of inflammation in body. At the time of sleep our body gets hydrated, that’s why we need to drink more water. Because body is able to recover moisture only in excess of water.

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Sleep deprivation can also causes of early aging signs. Because at the time of sleep all damaged cell ready to heal them but in case of sleep deprivation this process cannot takes place. Without deeper phase of sleep repairing of damaged cell cannot take place. So this results in more aging signs which can be noticeable. Even not enough sleep increase obesity means weight gain. There are two hormones related to weight one is Gehrlin is for feeling hungry and leptin is for full. So when you are sleep deprived then increasing in gehrlin hormones can cause feel hunger which leads to gain weight causes obesity. So Sleep Deprivation directly affects to your appearance mentally as well as physically. It is really important to have a good manner of sleep. Everyone should know how to get a better sleep is important for our appearance.

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