How to care Premature Baby?

What are the Health problem among Premature babies?

Premature Baby


According to a scientific research, Child who born in a premature level may suffers from mental health issues and social issues that can continue to exist in adulthood also.

How many pounds is considered a premature baby?

Child born with very low weight even less than a kilogram are more likely to suffer from many health disorder and mental problems. They face many social difficulties in child stage and shyness, anxiety and some other health issues in adult stage in comparison to a healthy child.

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What are Premature Birth Causes?

Around 50 published studies found the reviews and highlight the need of doctors to research closely on how a baby born prematurely can live a fare life in child stage and adult stage also.

How premature babies are cared for?

“It is very important that the doctors and families should be aware about the health problems of premature baby and try to prevent your baby from these health issues, said by the James smith , famous psychologist  in McMaster University at Ontario”.

What You Should Know About Premature Birth?

You can say child who born very early means prematurely is more likely to suffer ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). After that when they reach in adult period the risk of disorder become twice. Adult survivors reported more mental issues and health problems.

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It does not mean that every baby who born prematurely suffered from the disorders but the chances are high at risk of disorder. So every parent and Doctor should careful of that.

Latest Information on premature babies 

A new research program shows that it will explore the knowledge about how to deal with a baby who is born prematurely with less weight and coordinate with the problem they face in their child hood as well as adulthood. These studies show that if parents, teachers and the friend try to coordinate with the problem of these babies can help them more.

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