How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Days of bearing a child are very important life stage for women that may result weight gain. After giving a birth it is natural that you think about the weight lose which you put on during pregnancy. Trying to lose weight may be a big challenge for you but it can be possible without any exercise and work out. In fact average women lose 80 percent of gain weight during her pregnancy. It is very good to get back your  pregnancy weight because it will help you feel better about yourself and give you more energy to take care of your baby and of course you have to avoid some healthy risk things to eat which can cause obesity. Firstly you have to check yourself if you are ready to lose weight.


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At the pregnancy time our body gets very sensitive and even a mild risk can affect our health. If you are breast feeding you should eat 1800 -2200 calories a day to give nutrition to you baby. If you are not breast feeding then you should eat 1200 calories a day. To fix a calories level according to this will help you to lose weight around 1 to 2 pounds a week. Avoid high calories foods that do not fill you up. Eating chocolate, chips and fried or oily foods will make you difficult to lose the weight. You should plan for a low calories diet of the day.

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Choose a natural breakfast like oats, wheat cereals or egg white omelets. Select lunch meals like whole-grain breads and wraps, baked chicken or seafood, green salads and whole fruits. In dinner you should eat proteins and whole grain. So maintain calories in your food are not helpful to lose weight not to energy. You should maintain the timings of daily meals and everyday should go for a short walk.

You can prefer a tablet for weight lose i.e. Subutramine tablet. Maintaining the calories in diet and tablet taken will help you to lose your weight early. Drink water throughout the day so you Weight yourself once in a week and when you get to know that you are now losing the weight so you can increase your calories. stay hydrated and feel full. Prepare meals in advance so that you can control yourself to take high calories food. Try once the diet with tablet it will definitely help you to lose weight.

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