Is it Okay for Boyfriend and Girlfriend to Sleep in each other House

Is Girls Night Out with their Boyfriends acceptable to their Parents?

I am a mother and I am worried. Recently my daughter went to her boyfriend house last weekend to hang out as she did it before. At that night I fall asleep and suddenly when I awake, did not found my daughter at her room. When I checked my phone there was a message of my daughter that she was staying at her girl friend’s house. I knew that time that she was lying to me. I was very upset at that time because she did not took permission for staying and then she was lying to me. But I did not argue with her because in night it was not a right time to talk. I waited for the next morning.


is teen sleepover at each other place ok

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How Parents Deal with their Teen Sleepovers at each other Place?

Next morning when I asked her why she did not tell me prior of now then she replied that she fall asleep. I have an idea that she was staying with her boyfriend last night. I was upset because we had already discussed about it and me and my husband was totally against of it.

She told us that what the big deal in that is. There are lots of parents who allow their daughter to stay at their boyfriend’s place. I told her that this is not okay with the parents. She replied that she is not understanding my points and did not getting what the main problems is. We are not doing anything else as they are 17. [ Read : Social Media is Affecting Younsters Life]

How do I Talk to my Daughter in this Matter?

I saw Jesus and asked him to help me out because I need it.

My daughter would not let go of the fact that there is nothing wrong with the sleepover and that it is not wrong. [ Read : Girls’s First Sexual Experience can be result of sleepover at other’s place]

So Am I wrong in that case? Would you allow your daughters to stay in night to their boyfriends place? Is time that much change?

I need someone who helps me to out from this problem and make my daughter understand.

I told her that sometimes everything is not taken logically. Sometime what we are thinking that it is appropriate or right things for us, but this is not like that.

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