Oxytocin – Hormone Responsible for People Fall in Love

Oxytocin – The Love Hormone

Oxytocin, A Hormone Responsible for Love

oxytocin-love-hormoneOxytocin is a hormone for love that helps in muscle contraction smoothly. Oxytocin in the brain helps in bonding and feeling of love and caring for others i.e it is a hormone responsible for love.

During breastfeeding, when baby sucks, nerves in the nipples send a message to brain to oxytocin stimulates from pituitary gland. Due to oxytocin, muscles around the milk gland squeeze the milk into the duct. Sometimes you feel thirsty, sometimes milk drips from the other breast.

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Oxytocin also contracts the uterus. So in the first week of birth, you may feel an increase in lochia flow and a menstrual like cramps. Lochia is the fluid that leaves vagina after birth it is almost blood.

Oxytocin Nasal Spray Need

 Oxytocin nasal spray is synthetic form of hormone. If your breasts are so full and even after 24 hours the nursing, massage, warmth, and pumping cannot relieve the pressure then oxytocin nasal spray can help you. It boosts the milk supply by helping to empty the breasts more completely.

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You need a prescription Oxytocin by a doctor or primary care provider to get it. It is prepared in the pharmacy at university of Washington medical center and in some drugstore pharmacies. Not all drugstores carry it.

Action of Oxytocin (Oxytocin Uses)

 You must take it as a nasal spray begin with 1 or 2 spray per nostrils. Because oxytocin the love hormone is not absorbed by the body when it is taken by mouth.

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You can spray each nostril again every few minute as needed while you breastfeed or pump.

If you are feeling problem to spray then you can drip in nostril with your head tipped backward. You can spray under the tongue or back of throat so that it can less effective with mix to your saliva.

Oxytocin Side Effects

Some women get headache while they use oxytocin.

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