Questions Arise in Guys Mind about Bra

Guys feel embarrassing asking all these questions but really they are dying to know all these things.

Why Girls need to Wear Bra?

This is a choice for women to wear a bra. It is not bound for every woman that she has to definitely wear a bra. But mostly women opt to wear bra to give firm support to their breast, to have comfort movement. To create a round shape, while they wears clothes.

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How do Girls know about their Size?

There is some fusion of sorcery and advanced trigonometry. Take Measurement from right under the breast area and roundoff to the closest whole number. If the closest measure is even, then add 4. If it is odd, then add 5. Band sizes like 32, 34, 36…. are measured around boobs with level your nipples as well as roundoff to the closest whole number. Deducting the band size from breast measurement gives you your breast cup-size.

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Why does Bra come in so Different Types? 

Because different clothing and events need different bras like as follows:-

  • Lightly line bras sometimes called as t-shirt bras make a unseamed look under tees and other tops which is thin.
  • Strapless bras are for bustier, halter tops or off-shoulder, So your straps will not show.
  • Convertible Bras are like in which straps are detachable that can be reattached in a wide range of styles according to dress.
  • Bralettes are very thin, linedless bras without under wires. They are super comfortable, but it is not much in support, so they are much for showing out of low cut tops.
  • Padded Bras are generally bra with cushioning or layer of pads to create the large appearance of cup-size.
  • Push up Bras are those which have padding layer at the base of each cup, which drives the boobs inwards and upwards to enhance the breast cleavage.
  • Sports Bras are in supportive comfortable styles, often in moisture wicking materials, made to minimise  boobs bouncing during work out.

Why is bra mostly Beige in Color?

When a girl wears a top which very light coloured and made of thin fabric then bra will be highlighted from top. To prevent these things, girls prefer to wear bra in a light colors that mixes with their body color.

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How do Girls wear such Uncomfortable Bras? 

A bra which is properly fitted shouldn’t ever be hurtful. Putting on a bra is just like as to wear shoes as they feel like more comfortable and safe, but less in relax. If a breast supporter(bra) is very small, the underwire and straps can dig in to your dremis(skin) which is very uncomfortable. If it is in big size, the straps can stuck out and its underwiring can come up above the base of your breasts which is very uncomfortable.

How to unhook a Bra Easily? 

Bras are typically supported with a  eye closure and hook at the back. If you hold the both sides of the colaspe and push them very lightly simultaneously, the hook(connect) will glide out of the eye.

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 How do Girls handle the Bras that open in Front?

Some bras open from the front. Such bras have a plastic connecting clip that opened from the front, then glide those connects apart.

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