Where does Fat go when you Lose Weight?

Where does the Fat go?

Did you ever think about that where does your fat go during weight lose journey? You spend your precious time in doing exercise and perfect your diet routine. At that point, do you ever think where does your fat go when you lose weight? Is it converted into sweat? Is it converted into heat and energy? Does it come out when you go to the bathroom?[Read : Have Plant based Diet to reduce Weight]

where does fat go when you lose weight


Where does Lost Weight Go

The simplest answer of all these type of question is that when you do exercise or perfect your diet routine you exhale the fat through Carbon Dioxide.

How to Loose Weight

Lungs are the main excretory organ for weight loss. You should increase your lung capacity to improve conditioning with Elevating Training Mask. By condition creating pulmonary resistance and lungs, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased. Elevation Training Mask helps to  get your breathing under control and also helps with lung stamina, oxygen efficiency, increase lung capacity and increase overall mental focus.  [ Read : 5 Yoga Exercise to loose Weight]

Please do not exhale longer and deeper while sitting on your chair or bed. Only when you do exercise and exhale Carbon dioxide, will help you to lose weight.

Easiest way to Lose Weight 

Fat-after-Lose-WeightWhen your body is over occupied of calories, this extra energy will be stored into chemical compounds which are called Triglycerides. Triglycerides consist of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. These triglycerides are stored in the lipid droplets of fat cells which are also known as Adipocytes. Adipocytes will conserve in your fat cell until you start lose your weight. You are releasing the carbon dioxide to lose weight.

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The chemical equation of Triglyceride is


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