Why Women have more Sleeping Problems than Men

Both Women and Men need a good quality of sleep to function well, but women face more problem to achieve this than men.

In a study of National sleep foundation it is shown that 2/3 of women face sleep problems in few nights in a week and half of the women wake up feeling unrefreshed in morning.

Why are Sleep Troubles more in Women than Men?

Women have more sleeping problem then men

There are few reasons from biological factors to more practical matters. Like:

Shifts in Hormones always cause for sleepless nights for women

Level of estrogen progesterone fluctuates during the menstrual cycle which affects women sleep. Progesterone has a hypnotic property which regulates sleep and estrogen works on several different transmitter pathways that may have an impact on regulation of sleep. It affects circadian rhythm of the body. [Read : How does Sleep Deprivations Effects your Appearance]

Pregnancy and Children may affect your good night Sleep

Pregnancy brings lot of disruption in sleep like physically weakness, frequently go for urinate and heartburn.  During pregnancy restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea may begin and disrupt your sleep.

After pregnancy, care of baby can also disrupt your sleep.

Menopause in Female decrease their sleep

Menopause also brings disruption in sleep in women’s life. There is drop off progesterone hormone in women’s body. Progesterone is a sleep promoting hormone. These problems sleep apnea or insomnia tends to increase with post menopausal years.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are also the main reasons for sleepless nights for Girls

stressed women

Women are more sensitive in feeling sadness and anxiety than men. They feel more pressure either at home or at work than men. Stomach bubbling anxiety is more common in women than men. They are feeling of sadness in response of stress and not being able to stop thinking about the feeling and that worries them. All of these things disrupt their night sleep. [ Read : How does proper Sleep improves Woman’s Health]

Circadian Rhythm change in the age after 40 may disturb Women’s Sleep

People in elder stage are includes in a different type of population that tends to have increased difficulty in sleep. Some types of health issues like frequent urination and pain can keep them awake at night which causes sleep apnea.

Your circadian rhythm drives the rhythm of biological activities of the body at cellular level and some genes and hormones regulate these day to day activities. [Read : How to get a Good Night Sleep]

These activities of genes and hormones regularly changes with age. Some scientists found that at the younger age people had daily rhythm in all the classic clock genes and hormones but in older age people had lost rhythm in genes and hormones but still they have some set of hormones and genes that can recover the rhythm.

Some Changes in Diet might Improve your Sleep

I think you have heard that excessive daytime sleep and poor quality of sleep are the common factor in people who are obese. So the change in diet can be improved your sleep quality and quantity.

Some foods are known to improve the sleep quality like many of you are grew up with a warm glass of milk before bedtime and at your college you warm glass of milk change in chamomile tea which is known for its calming property. So there are many drinks and food which have sleep inducing effect.

[Read : How Lack of Sleep Effects your Diet]

Cherries are natural of Melatonin which is a sleep hormone. Drinking tart cherry juice is very beneficial for sleep quality. Almond and spinach are rich in magnesium which has sleep promoting factor. You should eat high protein snack before bedtime it will provide L-tryptophan which is needed for melatonin and serotonin production.

You should always take 8 hours of sleep. This is good for your health. Make you comfortable with the required quantity and quality of sleep and keep you physically and mentally fit.

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